Starting the Countdown

Recently I posted that planning a trip, one that is focused on something important to you – a goal, a lifelong dream, a challenge – requires changes in your life.  The trip begins to change you months before you pack your bags.

That kind of trip, planned just for you, can be a “dream with a deadline.”

To put myself completely on the line with this…I booked a trip.  It’s that riding trip I said I always wanted to take. The tickets are not booked but the spot is reserved for November.

At the turn of the new year, I thought about hobbies and interests that had fallen by the wayside even though I had at one time invested a lot in these.  Riding is one of those interests – I have never been very good but I got a lot of joy out of trying.  The horses, the barn, how it feels to try and try and finally, for a moment, get it.

In nine months, I’ll need to brush up what I learned about riding and then take it to the next level.  That means confidence, courage and competence.

If you can make a human being in nine months, surely…

A consultant I know speaks on the importance of Making Public Your Intent. There is some power in that. It’s going to be work.  Resources will have to be redirected (goodbye, manicures and CABI shows and really good port).  So I’m telling you first.

Who has a challenge you are willing to take on this year?  We could all get ready together!

What I Learned

For this kind of investment, picking the type of  trip is critical. What would make this most likely to be a success?

Structure: There are point-to-point rides where your group travels from inn to inn, rugged treks  with camping, riding weeks from a central locations, and weeks that split the time with cooking lessons or sightseeing.

Necessities: A reality check: I don’t camp and I won’t be satisfied if riding is only part of the focus.  For me, I need a cool place to come at the end of a day knowing that day might include embarrassment, failure and sprained ankles.

Most important for ME: I want to connect with the joy of riding and to do that, I need to have a way to get better and make progress. So, I found a trip that combines scenic rides with riding clinics.

It’s good to know yourself! For you this list might be radically reordered – but it’s good to make the list.



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